Accept Ethereum Tokens at Your Website

TokenPayments is a payment processor and gateway that enables you to accept a wide range of Ethereum based tokens at your website. We provide a seamless experience for your users to pay with any of the listed Ethereum tokens.

Accept Tokens
Accept Tokens Easily

Our system is made to accept Ethereum based tokens with ease. The Merchant API is coded with simplicity in mind. It's nothing, but a simple HTML form that your users need to submit.

Accept Token Payments
Safe Payments

We've audited our code, have regular malware scanning and forward the tokens to your Ethereum address almost immediately. We also provide a Two-Factor Authentication feature to protect your account from unwanted changes.

Add Your Own Token
List Your Token

If your token isn't listed at our platform, you can submit a request to add your token at our website. The process is simple, straightforward and quick - most of the tokens are added to the system in 1-2 days after the agreement.

Accept ERC 20 and ERC 223 Tokens

Accepting Token Payments Has Never Been So Easy

You can now bring support for token payments at your website. Accepting Ethereum token payments has never been so easy. With a simple to use API, even a non-programmer can use our platform without any difficulties.

We provide extensive insights into our IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and SCI (Shopping Card Interface) at our Merchant Tools page. Our SCI and IPN can be easily integrated into your application. Our customer support can guide you through the integration process.

Add TokenPayments to our website to make the checkout process easier, safer and faster. Check out Merchant Tools to know more about our offerings.


You can list your token at our platform so that you and others can utilize it.

Accept tokens at your website without any hassle.

TokensPayments makes the process easy

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