Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of TokenPayments?

Our aim is to provide a seamless and easy to use platform for the integration of Ethereum (ERC20 and others) tokens at your website.

What kind of tokens are supported at your website?

We pretty much accept every type of standard token which produces a Transfer event log.

How may I list my token here?

The process to list your token is seamless and easy. Please head over to the List Token page to know more.

Is this free? Are there any charges or fees?

Yes, it's free for merchants who wish to accept tokens at their website. Listing a token has a price, though. We also charge a flat fee of $1.50 USD for every transaction, but this is usually paid by the user, unless the merchant prefer to cover all the gas costs.

Can I decide what token I accept?

Yes, there's a page called Token Selection which is specially made for this.

When are the funds forwarded to the merchant?

If the gas fees are covered by the user, then the tokens are almost forwarded immediately. In case the merchant prefers to cover the gas costs for all token transfers, then the token transfer may take up to 12 hours.