List Token

We've decided to half the token listing costs for some time. You'll now receive 50% off the price you're quoted for listing of your project at TokensPayment. Fill out the form below to get started.
We appreciate your interest in listing your token at our website. Listing your coin at TokenPayments is a perfect way to make your token usable and increase the number of users for your token. Our platform allows merchants to accept Ethereum based tokens at their websites and stores. Our merchant API and other plugins are easily accessible for you to accept your token at your website without any hassle or issue.

Listing Your Token at Our Website Includes:

1. Installation and setup of your token
2. Getting listed at our Supported Tokens page
3. A tweet, newsletter email and post on our Telegram about your token


1. A published Ethereum contract
2. A standard contract code which emits a Transfer event
3. A listing fee anywhere between $4,000 USD and $8,000 USD. The listing fee depends upon the funds raised in your token sale, transaction volume and other factors.

After getting listed, your token will be available for use by every merchant at our website. If you would like to restrict it to your account only, that is also a possibility. We also support a static price if your token is not an exchange yet.

If you meet the above requirements, please feel free to submit the form below. We'll contact you immediately within hours regarding the listing of your token.